Tuesday, August 07, 2012

What A July!!!

So, the month of July has been good to me and my adventures in photography!! It all started with a freak lightning show that happened one weekend.  You know what I did?  I sat at home watching it from my kitchen!!

I was kicking myself all week about it and said to my daughters co-coach “I hope we have another one”.  Later that night she called me saying that there are huge light bolts by her house which is southeast from ours.  I grabbed my camera, after check NOAA on the direction of the storm, and headed out the door.

Lake fair was going on this week so I headed up to the capitol and captured these shots.


The following week was the final week we could enter pictures in the Thurston County Fair.  Not really putting any thought to it, I picked 5 photography’s, had them printed, placed them on foam core and entered them into the Fair.  I picked these photography’s:

Tri Boltz

Midnight on Boston Harbor


Christine Falls


To my delight I received a second place ribbon with “Midnight on Boston Harbor”!! How awesome is that?!  Then I received a message from the Olympian (our hometown newpaper) and was told that my entry into their photo contest has won first place and I get $100 gift card!!


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