Monday, March 21, 2011

The Northwest Sons

Saturday night we hit up Jazzbones in Tacoma Saturday March 19, 2011 to grab some local Reggae music.  On the bill for the night was Northwest Sons, now I have seen them play once before and was blown away by them that I had to see them again and capture it on film.

The Sons busted out with a lineup that makes you want to dance and groove, and as you know I am not one that tends to wonder too far from the rock scene so grooving is really not my thing.  However, when the Sons are playing you just can’t sit there!  Their music is infectious, it’s alive and it moves you.  From ‘Boundary Line’, ‘Paradise’, to my favorite ‘Mystifire’ you will find yourself in the slow roll motion of the music waves.

The Sons have only been on the music scene for about 2 years now but have a great following of people and I believe Chris said it best while we were talking that ‘sometimes we have to change things up’ speaking of their new Bass player, ‘it’s not always about the money; which is nice, but it’s about sharing the love of the music and that’s why we like to play’.   Well, there was a lot of love at Jazzbones and the Sons know how the lift the spirits of everyone in the room.

The Sons were also a featured guest of ‘The Northwest Convergence Zone’ ( Sunday March 20, 2011 episode 96 and they are about 51 minutes into the show.  Chris and Ian talk about their influences, the local reggae scene and about the release of their upcoming ‘digital’ CD release party on…yep 4-20-11…

If you have yet to check out The Northwest Sons, I would suggest heading over to their site here to listen to some of their songs, but believe me when I say there is nothing like listening to them live.  Check them out and let me know how you feel about them.

If you have a local band that is going to be playing in the Olympia, Tacoma or Seattle area and you like to have a quick review, please get in touch with me and I will check out the calendar to see if we can make it happen.



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