Monday, March 14, 2011

The Humptulips

I had a great opportunity this past Saturday (03-12-11) to attend the Humptulips in Montesano Washington to listen to their country music style and photograph the event.  I just to let you know that I am not much of a country listener as I lean more towards the ROCK side of things.  However, this was a show worth going to!!

The event was held at Gepetto's which is like a Mom and Pop pizza place in the middle of the town, or one would think.  Not too far from the freeway, but a drive from Olympia (about an hour).  Now I was coming from the MMA fights where Rikk Beatty played the National Anthem which would be another story all together and rushed to Gepetto's to see the show start at 9:20pm.

The first thing I noticed and the band was they liked to shout-out the names of people they know at the show.  So if you know the band, be ready to have the spot light placed on you for a little while.  To me that brought in to thinking that this may be a good band.  Getting people involved or interacting with the crowd is one of the hardest things to do for a band and this group had it down. Something else I learned it was the Bass Guitar player's (Doug George) first time playing live with the band.  And as I have been told by many Bass players, "the Bass is the backbone of the group".

The band Opened the night with ‘Honky Tonk Stomp’ (whatever that means), ‘It’s All About Tonight’, ‘Johnny Cash’ and they began making fun of people and their shirts…The group ended up passing out about 60 'Humptulips' shirts they had made to both the guys and gals at Gepetto's and reeled them in on their next song ‘You Look Good in my Shirt’.

As the night progressed I found myself placing down my water and looking for a ‘Coors Light’ and started to feel a little out of place as I wasn’t wearing skinny jeans and cowboy boots!  But then the Humptulips threw another curveball…They started playing some Rock n’ Roll and even took requests from the crowd!  Now that’s a little, how can we say it politely, CrAzY... But they pulled it off.

By the end of the third set and approximately 30 songs in three and a half hours I am proud to say that I am a fan of the Humptulips!  If you are ever in Washington State around the Olympia area see if you can find a show.  If you want more information about the band, I have placed there Facebook page here  

Please leave comments as this is how I know people are looking at this site and let me know your questions, comments and concerns.  Without them I can't get better!!

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Blogger Rikk said...

Hey Paul!

GREAT blog man and AWESOME pictures! Paul has taken allot of pictures of me and he does an AMAZING job so if you are looking for anything from family shots to sporting events or concerts.... Paul is YOUR guy!!!

Thanks for hangin out with me for a LONG day Paul! :-)

-Rikk Beatty

3:55 PM  
Blogger budduhnunn said...

WOW! Paul your just a all around great guy! Keep it up with the photo blog! Very interesting! I'm looking up Humptulips now! Amanda Nunn

5:54 PM  
Blogger timberghstt said...

steller pics! just all kinds of awesomeness :-) wished I coulda been there! ---Jimbo aka catfish

5:10 AM  

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