Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ethan Tucker

Had the opportunity to see Ethan Tucker at Jazzbones on 03-19-11 when he played with the Northwest Sons.  Ethan’s hometown is Olympia Washington but is currently residing in Twin Falls Idaho and made the long trip out to put on a few shows for us.

Currently playing as a one man band; his acoustic strumming, shoeless dancing and vocal style that reminds me of John Mayer makes you wonder if he needs any more instruments with him.  Ethan’s influences are Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Jah Roots and Robert Johnson; however, he can incorporate multiple genres such as jazz, blues, folk and reggae effortlessly.  Tucker’s energy on stage and heart filled songs got the people of Jazzbones out of their seats to dance and within one song increased his fan base by a few hundred more.

Ethan took some time to meet and greet his fans after his set and stayed the rest of the night to listen to “Rise and Shine’ and the ‘Northwest Sons’.  He is a very approachable individual and is willing to take timeout to talk with his fans.  I strongly suggest you taking time to listen to Ethan Tucker by going to his page here or you can find some songs on youtube here. My Favorite ‘I Need You’

The only disappointment I really had was learning that he sold out of his CD’s the night before! 


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